10 April 2014
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LogMeOnce Combines Password Vault, Secure USB Drive & Charger Together

10 April 2014, Comments: 0

KickStarter is a wonderful place where dreams can become reality. Just like any magical land, if you journey long enough you will see downright […]

3 February 2014
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Password Reset Key is a Godsend to IT Admins

3 February 2014, Comments: 1

One of the most classic and – yet still perversely prevalent – issues IT staff face is resetting Windows passwords for users who have […]

8 January 2014
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EyeLock’s Myris Has its Eye Set on Iris Security

8 January 2014, Comments: 0

Have you ever wanted to work for the NSA or some other high security jobs where you needed to use a biometric iris scanner? […]

24 June 2013
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Snowden’s Secret Weapon was a Flash Drive

24 June 2013, Comments: 1

One of the most serious things to come out of the whole Snowden revelations is not the fact that the world’s governments are snooping […]

10 May 2013
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CustomUSB Carbide Really the ‘World’s Best Flash Drive’?

10 May 2013, Comments: 3

Over the years we have heard many bold and brash claims, but ‘World’s Best Flash Drive’ certainly is right up there with the most […]

13 April 2012
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ExactTrak Security Guardian – First GPS Location Tracking Flash Drive

13 April 2012, Comments: 1

When fallen into the wrong hands, flash drives with sensitive data inside certainly could be nightmare for any corporations or government agencies. It’s not […]

31 March 2012
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CipherUSB Makes Encryption as Easy as Plug n Play

31 March 2012, Comments: 0

Addonics CipherUSB dongle is a unique spin on the old problem of security vs. ease of use. If a security protocol is too much […]

30 November 2011
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Crypteks, Da Vinci Code Meets IronKey Soon to be Reality

30 November 2011, Comments: 2

We’ll be the first to admit, if we hadn’t loved “The Da Vinci Code”, this innovative flash drive, Crypteks USB Key, would hearken back […]

15 September 2011
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SanDisk Memory Vault: Makes Digital Memories Last a Lifetime

15 September 2011, Comments: 0

In what is sure to instill either a love it or hate it reaction comes word of SanDisk’s latest creation: the Memory Vault. What […]

21 December 2010
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iTwin, Cableless USB Network Cable, Starts Shipping

21 December 2010, Comments: 0

While the idea of using USB to connect two personal computers together for transferring large amounts of files is not new, the idea of […]

4 October 2010
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Harris BlackJack is the Sonic Screwdriver of PC Forensics

4 October 2010, Comments: 0

Law Enforcement Officials and Covert Operatives may be borrowing a little Time Lord technology in the near future. Cyber-Security and Forensic experts, Harris, have […]

28 April 2010
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Lok-it Adds Electric Keypad to Secure Flash Drive

28 April 2010, Comments: 1

Lok-it has a new take on the padlock flash drive and wants to show it to you. They’ve added a rechargeable battery to the […]