USB Apps

13 May 2014
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WinSetupFromUSB – Install Different Flavors of OSes from a Single USB Key

13 May 2014, Comments: 0

Multiple bootable USB keys with anti-virus and OS ISO setups have to be the most widely-used tool among IT professionals. We say ‘multiple’ drives […]

12 July 2012
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Jumpshot USB Drive, Automated PC Repairs for All

12 July 2012, Comments: 0

Taking responsibility as a friendly neighborhood computer guy providing free tech support is no small feat. This job often involves hours of online research […]

12 December 2011
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PortableApps Hits Version 10, Perfecting USB Apps Platform

12 December 2011, Comments: 0

John Haller has blessed us once again with a chapter in the book of PortableApps Platform, version 10. We have been a huge proponent […]

21 September 2011
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Windows To Go May Revitalize Flash Drive Market

21 September 2011, Comments: 0

Microsoft has given a few more glimpses into their flash drive bootable OS option today, it’s called Windows To Go (for now). It’s not […]

16 November 2009
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USB Scrub Cleans up Registry After Excessive USB Drive Use

16 November 2009, Comments: 0

Nexcopy, one of the leading manufacturers of USB copiers, is releasing USB Scrub as freeware today. This tiny package is designed to remove the […]

25 October 2009
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Software Boosts USB Flash Drive Speeds. Myth or Reality?

25 October 2009, Comments: 0

While we tend to distrust anything that’s too good to be true, the USB SuperCharger appears pretty legit. Easy Co is apparently selling licenses […]

25 October 2009
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Official Tool from MS Enables USB Install for Windows 7

25 October 2009, Comments: 1

Microsoft has finally owned up to the exciting new tool it’s releasing with Windows 7, a bootable USB Installer creator. Aimed squarely at netbook […]

2 September 2009
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Use Predator on Your USB Key to Lock & Unlock Your PC

2 September 2009, Comments: 0

Of the many uses for USB flash drives, one that is only starting to get explored, is security. Predator, written by one Richard Goutorbe […]

31 August 2009
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WinToFlash Moves Windows CD/DVD Installers to USB Drives

31 August 2009, Comments: 0

WinToFlash, while still a little rough around the edges, exists to make installing Windows much easier. WinToFlash starts a wizard that will help pull […]

19 November 2007
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USB Safely Remove, Godsend for Gadget Junkies

19 November 2007, Comments: 0

If you are like me, you find that Microsoft’s Safely Remove Hardware program is a royal pain in the neck. It is often slow […]