Stinky Footboard: A Funky Controller that Doesn't Stink

23 March 2013
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Author: Anthony Garland
23 March 2013, Comments: 0

If you are like many hardcore gaming enthusiasts, there are times when two hands are just not enough. Obviously, the Quebec – la belle province – based Stinky company has been there and decided to do something about it. Their new Stinky Footboard - yes that really did call it that – can literally give you a leg up over the competition by allowing you to use one of your – hopefully not stinky – feet.

While the Stinky may look like nothing more than a plastic and metal clad foot pedal, it is, in fact, a 4 button controller for your feet. The metal top is basically a connected to a four way pivot point with actuators in each corner. Depending on which way you depress the top, it will send one of four pre-configured commands as if you had pressed a button on a controller in your hand. In an interesting twist, the Stinky Footboard not only comes with 6 replacement springs in a variety of resistance, but also the tension on each spring is adjustable. This combination of spring weight and spring tension customization should allow for everything from feather light touches to foot stomping enthusiasm be required to actuate one of the 4 buttons.

The only real issues we foresee with this device is that it will have a bit of a steep learning curve, and due to radically different physiology in our legs, don’t expect any of the four mapped buttons to be activated as quickly as it would be if you had used your hand. However, if you are like us and have found yourself wishing for a third hand, then you may want to head over to Stinky website and sign up for their Kickstarter alert. There’s no word at this time on pricing, Kickstarter tiers offered, nor even when the fundraising campaign will start.