17 February 2011, Comments: 0

 February 2011         Anthony Garland

It seems that ever since the fur covered robotic toy (a.k.a. those hellspwan “Furby” dolls) craze of the last century, every manufacture wants to be the next to cash in on the “next big thing”. In fact every couple years some manufacture comes along and tries to not only rekindle the original Furby craze but one up it.

The latest company to do so is Tandar with their all new interactive pet monkey. This robotic toy comes in three cute and adorable flavours: male, female and “Mohawk” and while we don’t even want to think what “Mohawk” is supposed to be (maybe a “metro-sexual”?) one thing is for certain… the little bodgers are cute. Though what makes they even cooler and actually kind of interesting is the fact that unlike most toys these little forkballs have a USB port in the end of their tails which you use to recharge them (the port glows to show how the charging is doing and it can double as a nightlight)! They even tell you when they are getting low on power and gibber “ah jee baz nam nam” at you (via their integrated speaker); at which point you need to plug them in so its built in lithium battery can be topped up. Not only do they look adorable enough to be stuffed and mounted on any hunter’s wall, they also have facial expression to help the little robotic parasites worm their way into your heart.

To be honest half of us hopes they catch on as they do appeal to our inner geeky child, but at $49.99 the adult half is screaming in pain at the though of what happens if this catches on! After all, as many adults who “survived” the original Furby outbreak can attest too… we all have emotional scars caused from waiting in line on Christmas eve to get our hands on one for a younger relative! To be honest, these little devices need to be outlawed as weapons of mass distraction before its too late and they take over the world and we all have to bow down to our a gibberish speaking Tandar Pet Monkey’s! Be afraid… very afraid as they will shortly be coming to a store near you; but don’t say we didn’t warn you.