Thanko USB Heating Slippers Cut the Cord

15 February 2009
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Author: Ian Chiu
15 February 2009, Comments: 0

We’ve seen more than our fair share of USB heated devices for eyes and even breast this winter, but this is the first 2.0 version come out. Apparently the heated USB slippers that came out a while back did so well that Thanko has released a new and improved version.

These new little piggy warmers one-up the old ones in 2 key ways: first, the slippers are actually individual slippers were one single foot holder, one unit that held both feet together. Secondly, they include a pair of lithium batteries that allow your 2 disconnected fuzzy feet to be heated while disconnected from your computer. They can still run off of USB power but they are still charging while they are connected.

Sadly, it takes about 16 hours of charge time to get 2 hours of heat from the included batteries but they’ve at least included an LED system to tell you where you are at in the charging process. Now these aren’t exactly fitted so don’t expect to be able to run around the house or office with them but they should allow you more range of motion than other comparable products. Let’s just hope the added range of motion isn’t increased by turning your feet into grenades and rocket-jumping via exploding lithium batteries. Wear some asbestos socks while warming your toes, you know, just to be safe.