21 May 2013, Comments: 0

 May 2013         Anthony Garland

In Thanko’s on going commitment to keeping you cool and comfortable in the summertime heat comes their latest USB powered gadget: the USB Neck Cooler.  While Thanko already does make a ‘neck’ cooler in the form of the necktie clip, this one does not require you to wear a necktie in order to keep cool.

Instead, the USB Neck Cooler wraps around your neck and strongly reminds us of a racecar ‘HANS’ safety device.  The front and left and right ‘arms’ are lined with heat conducting metal which, with the help of the two internal fans, sucks heat off your body and exhausts it out the back of the device.

Besides exhaust ports, the rear also houses the two rechargeable AAA batteries and individual fan speed adjustment controls for the left & right fans and even a standard USB port to recharge the batteries.  Thanko states that as long as the ambient air temperature is below your body’s temperature, the Neck Cooler will help keep you feeling cooler and more refreshed and do so for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

If you can get over the rather odd looks you will get while wearing this 195 gram white and black plastic gadget, it may indeed help you beat the summer heat. This is goes double if you use it in conjunction with their foot cooler as well as their butt cooler cushion. As with all Thanko devices, if you live outside Japan you may have to source out special shipping for this $20 device if you really have to have it.