Tablet & Touchpad Reviews

19 July 2012
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Wacom Intuos5 Tablet Review

19 July 2012, Comments: 0

The Build Quality The Wacom Intuos5 feels solid and the entire tablet has a great weight to it. It maintains the same thickness and […]

12 April 2012
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Wacom Inkling Review

12 April 2012, Comments: 3

Build Quality As always, Wacom has done a terrific job in the build, look, and feel of their product. The Inkling’s look seems to […]

12 March 2012
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Logitech Wireless Touchpad Review

12 March 2012, Comments: 3

Touchpad Design Touchpads for the desktop are nothing new; we’ve seen the capacitive surfaces integrated into a wide variety of keyboards for well over a decade now. Likewise, […]

11 November 2011
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Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet Review

11 November 2011, Comments: 7

The Build Quality Pulling the tablet out of its box you notice the tablet itself is fairly hefty. It has a nice weight to […]

16 August 2011
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Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 Review

16 August 2011, Comments: 5

Why a Lapdesk A laptop is rarely used at a desk, and for most of the time it is going to end up on […]