16 June 2011, Comments: 0

 June 2011         Ian Chiu

Ah those days of yore, spending all your allowance in the arcade; or spending your entire birthday party at Chuck. E. Cheese’s playing one game: whack-a-mole. For those of you too young to play the physical game (as everything is digital nowadays), you too can now spend hours and hours trying to kill those itty bitty moles; thanks to the release of the USB Whack It.

While the USB Whack It is indeed based upon the original game, it differs in few key areas. The most major area, is the fact that the moles do not pop up. Rather, all the holes are filled with tiny, cute mole like plastic busts which light up. Touching the one that lights up is the same as whacking one in the original version. Do this before the internal light dims and you get a point. Also unlike the original, which basically just got faster and faster until you missed too many of the little rodents, the USB Whack It uses a 30 / 60 second timer. When the time is up, the game is over. Your score is displayed on the integrated LCD panel so you will easily be able to compete against your cube mates for who is the true whack-a-mole champion.

While it is USB based, the USB port is basically only to supply power and there is no online high score or other computer interactive angle to this game. We consider this a good thing as this looks to be addictive enough without adding in an online element! With a price of only about $23, this is sure to be not only a good but also frugal way to kill an afternoon… instead of working. Just don’t get caught by your boss or you may end up having to share.