9 March 2013, Comments: 1

 March 2013         Anthony Garland

With both large and fast mSATA SSDs entering the market, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a peripheral manufacturer would take note of this and offer what appears to be an excellent solution to the age old problem of what to do with the old drives when you upgrade them. The Zotac’s aptly-named RAIDbox featured here allows you to reuse a mSATA drive and turn it into a speedy USB 3.0 backup solution.

Zotac is the pioneer of this niche; not only does its RAIDbox can make use of what was basically e-waste but also can combine two of them into one large RAID 0 drive that boasts performance up to 350MB/s. RAID 1 mode is available as well but it’s rare someone would have two mSATA drives of the same capacity. If you only have one drive, then RAIDbox remains useful for cloning your old drive to the new one in preparation of a storage upgrade on a laptop. There’s a similar offering for MacBook Air from OWC although it’s not designed for mSATA.

Exact pricing is not known at this time, but while enthusiasts and repair techs may add it to their toolbox, the typical laptop user is going to need some convincing. This is especially true when you consider mSATA to 2.5″ adapters can be found for as little as ten dollars and 2.5″ USB 3.0 enclosures are equally inexpensive. Zotac RAIDbox, nevertheless, is still one effortless to breath new life into used mSATA SSDs, especially if you still want to carry them around for secondary data storage.

  • zahadum

    CAUTION: you cant actually buy this company’s products in most of the world!

    the zonetac web site indicates that they do not have resellers/ etailers / distributors in almost any part of the G7! (uk is the the only exception in their locator tools’s pop-up list)

    you are in luck if you want to find zonetac channel presence in the provicial capitals of former USSR republics! LOL … but not anywhere in the civilized world 😉

    very dodgy.