19 March 2013, Comments: 1

 March 2013         Anthony Garland

In its continuing battle to dominate every aspect of the PC gaming arena, Asus has released a new Republic of Gamers (R.O.G.) branded mouse: the Eagle Eye GX1000. And in keeping with Asus’ latest nomenclature, they have also dubbed it the Eagle Eye and have bestowed upon it many features to help backup its Republic of Gamers heritage. These include integrated LEDs; a 50 to 8200dpi laser sensor; and software configuration abilities, all of which are pretty standard for a new gaming mouse these days.

Besides being an Asus branded mouse – and having a great company standing behind it for RMAs and the like, the real noteworthy feature is the material it is made from; the GX1000 makes use of brushed aluminium, a rather rare choice when it comes to gaming mice. In fact, not that many mice use this material (Thermaltake Level 10 M and Corsair Vengeance M60/M90 come to mind). Regardless, this aluminium clad skin does make the GX1000 both durable and rather handsome looking.

Even using thin aluminium, it does make the mouse a touch heavy. If the default weight of 150 grams is not enough for you, Asus also includes an integrated weight system so you can add up to five 5 gram weights via a bottom covered hatch. With an LED illuminated wheel, ultra low friction PTFE feet and a nicely braided USB 2.0 cable rounding out the GX1000 Eagle Eye, this is certainly one interesting looking mouse that will either be perfect or completely wrong for you depending on your personal tastes. In either case, it is sure to evoke a reaction in all that see it. When the R.O.G branded mouse ships, it’s going to have a MSRP upwards of $100.

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One response on “Asus Ships Aluminium-clad Eagle Eye Gaming Mouse

  1. Ezaku says:

    Why do they keep making awesome DPI sensitive computer mice that have 3 buttons besides the default 2? If you are going to make an awesome mouse that has 8200 DPI why the hell would you not add at least 6 external buttons? Playing MMOs I usually use roughly 6 buttons with my mouse using the first 3 on my UI, so having only 3 extra buttons gets me 6 out of 12 abilities. I don’t even…