31 October 2011, Comments: 1

 October 2011         Paul McCollum

AZiO has taken a decidedly welcome lateral approach to gaming keyboards with its latest, the Levetron Mech4. Quite a few of the big makers of keyboards seem to be spending most of their R&D in enhanced software for elite gaming devices. These loaded up software that may or may not function well or even slow down your heavily tweaked rig. The Levetron Mech4 is just about putting the Hard in Hardware. They’ve put in more resilient key mechanisms (Cherry Black) for a much longer life of fragging and the whole thing is spill-proof to boot. Add to that anti-ghosting keys and it should be able to survive your most brutal key mashing sessions.

They other key feature of this keyboard is its modularity. It is actually composed of 3 separate sections. There’s the main keyboard of course with a variety of multimedia controls and a great looking over-sized volume knob. The number pad is the second piece and it can be attached to either side of the keyboard and programmed as macro keys or discarded altogether for more comfortable mouse placement. Lastly, there’s the 6 button macro controller that has a Picatinny style grooved rail that it can roll along to rest over the F-keys at any position along the top of the keyboard. Sliding these pieces around gives you an unlimited number of configurations to suit your style or styles for each type of game that you play. The Levetron Mech4 gaming keyboard should be available for sale now for $109 and should ship just in time to save you from having to watch Thanksgiving football.

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One response on “AZiO Mech4 Ruggedizes Hardcore Gaming Keyboard

  1. Wilson Tang says:

    nice keyboard, got it at newegg!