6 February 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Cooler Master Spawn Gaming Mouse, Perfect for Claw Grip

 February 2011         Anthony Garland

When it comes to gaming mice, people can be broken up into two major categories: palm grippers and finger grippers. What this means is palm grippers hold and use the mouse in the palm of their hands; whereas finger gripers use, well, their fingers. The basic design and shape of a mouse will influence which of these two groups will prefer it more (and while some companies such as Logitech do strike a balance allowing for both groups to find it comfortable, the G700 is the exception that proves the rule).

There is actually a third subset of finger gripers who use what is called a “claw grip”. For these individuals, a pure finger grip mouse is not much more comfortable than a mouse designed for a palm grip user. Speaking as mainly tiger claw mouse users, we do know how hard it is to find an really comfortable mouse. In the past, companies such as Cyborg have gone for the customization route to make it work for both groups, but even here the R.A.T. line of mice is not absolute perfection for tiger claw users (as it doesn’t include enough inserts).

It is for this reason the upcoming Cooler Master Storm Spawn mouse is worth checking out. This may not be the first mouse to cater almost exclusively to the tiger claw niche, but it is one of the first to include a bevy of decent gaming features such as on-the-fly DPI change (with a 3500 DPI laser sensor); 32KB on-board memory for heavy duty custom macros; 7 buttons with 5 million OMRON switches; and even a rubberized no slip exterior so it never moves unless you want it to move. With all these together, it sounds like Cooler Master has a real cult classic in the making on their hands. Expect the Cooler Master Storm Spawn to set you back about $50 USD.

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