21 April 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Crosley Revolution Turntable is Like a Vinyl Walkman

 April 2010         Paul McCollum

If Crosley was looking to cause a revolution, they may have missed their mark by a few years. They’ve got a new walkman sized record player that may be handy for the occasional vinyl listener. The Crosley Revolution is a dual speed player that can handle both of your LPs and 45s (owners of 78s will have to look elsewhere). You’ll have to pack around a bevvy of AA batteries because this guy needs 6 at a time. There’s no option for an AC adapter listed so invest in some rechargeables.

Where this guy really shines is on output. It comes with 2 headphone jacks for couples listening on the go as well as a USB port for feeding the digitalized version of the vinyl to your PC. Crosley also includes recording software for PC and Mac for capturing the audio and converting it to MP3. All this will set you back a mere $149, which isn’t bad compared to less ambulatory versions of the same thing. The Crosley Revolution is available for purchase now at their online store for $149.95 MSRP.

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