12 July 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Jumpshot USB Drive, Automated PC Repairs for All

 July 2012         Ian Chiu

Taking responsibility as a friendly neighborhood computer guy providing free tech support is no small feat. This job often involves hours of online research as well as painful sessions of trial and error. Now two former HP employees who previously spent over a decade working on security products are proposing a better solution that gives peace of mind for everyone.

They have named it Jumpshot. It is, in fact, a USB flash drive with a twist but it isn’t another one of your goofy flash drives despite of its look. Loaded onto the 8GB stick is a custom Linux build with software that removes adware, freeware, malware and alike; eliminates viruses; and optimizes Windows by updating drivers and tweaking registries. Basically, the Jumpshot automates all the chores of typical PC maintenance.

Do note that some of these features rely on Jumpstart’s cloud infrastructures. So, even if you buy the drive, you will need to pay extra for unrestricted access to additional support. Jumpshot itself weighs at 200MB; and it can also dual boot into its Linux environment on its own without the USB drive provided the Windows is still able to run apps. The fundraising campaign has begun on Kickstarter for early adopters who like a free tee and a 20% discount on the drive.


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