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 April 2018         Ian Chiu

USB Cork Light

Repurposing old vintage bottles has never been this fun with the cork-shaped USB light from Suck UK. You can finally make good use of your empty (or even half full) bottles by turning them into lighting pieces to liven up the atomsphere in any room.

The bottlelight recharges via USB thru its integrated connector and has a runtime of 3 hours on a full recharge. This means no more messy wire, not to mention you can place your new lighting pieces where power outlets are unavailable. And with a simple twist, you can choose from seven different colors to illuminate your bottles to your preferences. You get even better results if you try it with patterned bottles.

LINE Friends USB Lamps

The picture speaks for itself.  If you’ve a fan of LINE instant messenger and its virtual stickers, these two USB night lamps based on the two alluring cartoon characters from the app’s glorified emoji collection scream “buy me” for obvious reasons.

There are 6 brightness levels, easily adjustable by tapping it.  And its built-in USB rechargeable battery even lasts up to 17 hours on lowest setting.  As with all LINE’s tied-in products, pricing has always been a sore spot.  Each of these costs $60 at which prices are hard to swallow even for the most hardcore fans.

USB Disco Ball

It’s been never easier to throw a party with ION Audio USB Party Ball.  The sphere flashes in vivid red, green and blue lights to form a wide array of different colors on the ceilings and walls, creating a non-stop light show in your living room or bedroom.

While the Party Ball gets its power from a USB port on a PC, you can also plug it to the back of a TV or to a power bank.  The package doesn’t come with a base but there’s also a gooseneck arm for flexible positioning of the Party Ball.  Perhaps the best feature is the built-in microphone that syncrhoizes the lights to the tunes playing in the room.

USB Fairystring

Fairystring is a strand of micro LED lights powered by none other than USB. It’s mainly targeted at gals who dig mood lighting in their rooms. Of course, applications are only limited by imaginations. It can also used as declorations in a vehicle, coffee shop or even a tree house to improve ambiance.

Shipping in four different lengths (2, 4, 8, 16m), Fairstring has spaced the custom LEDs evenly over its waterproof wire with 3 bulbs per foot. You can also toggle Fairstring between two lighting modes – twinkling and steady glow – to adjust to different environment.

USB Polychrome Light

Here’s another USB mood light when you want to add some joy and wonder to any room.  The Paladone’s Polychrome Light is made from 16 transparent plastic fins to form a what appears to be an oversized lightbulb.  Together with its design, the phasing LEDs from its chrome base can throw intersecting color shadows onto the walls as well as on a desktop surface.

To begin the light show, simply press down the top to start the phasing display.  You can hit it the second time to stop at any particular color.  A third time will switch the unit off. The 22cm tall USB mood light is pretty aesthetically pleasing, and would make a great housewarming gift without breaking the bank.

USB Book Lamp

The Lumio USB book lamp is truly one of a kind. When closed, it could easily pass for an elegant hardcover book. When flipped open to 180 degrees, the Lumio instantly transformers into an illuminating light fixture which can even be mounted onto any magnetic surface. The Lumio – when fully expanded to 360 degrees – even turns into what looks like a classy Chinese lantern, allowing you to suspend the light with the included leather hand strap.

Inside the Lumio is a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides 8 hours of non-stop illumination with a brightness rated at 500 lumen and light temperature of 2700K (warm white). It’s recommended that the Lumio’s water-resistant Tyvek pages to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Lumio definitely gets credit for its nifty folding design that makes it uniquely stylish as it is practical to carry around. Though, we aren’t exactly impressed by its pricing.

Marvel Superhero 3D Lamps

These Marvel character-inspired USB-powered lamps from Infothink are genuinely impressive.  Each one is comprised of a trio of light guide plates that create a nice 3D illusion when stacked together.  You also get three different lighting options: all out, slow glowing and special mode.

All of them are quite well thought out.  The Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor and Captain America version are modeled after their trademark armored helmet, Mjolnir hammer and vibranium shield respectively.  Similarly, the Hulk version takes the form of beast’s fist and Doctor Strange’s circular disk reminds us of his signature magical shield.  Their size – 8″ high by 6″ wide for the Iron Man – hits a sweet spot but that depends on how much desktop estate you have at disposal.

Touch-sensitive USB LED Lamp

Combining LED lighting with USB for power is not exactly a new idea. Yet Satechi has created something entirely unique with its Touch USB LED Lamp as it has the possibility of creating something unique every time it is used.

The lamp actually only consists of a small lamp shade; 1.2 watts worth of soft white LEDs; a tethered USB 2.0 cable; a small touch-sensitive power switch; and a plastic tube to hold it all together. If you think this sounds like the beginnings of a ‘do it yourself’ kit rather than a fully finished product, you would be entirely correct and therein lies the ingeniousness of this model.

Instead of including a bottle or similarly translucent lamp holder, for what is for all intents and purposes a LED light and lampshade, consumers can literally change the entire look and even light output on a whim. Best of all, everything from a coke bottle to wine bottle will work with the Satechi USB lamp.

If you stumble upon any fascinating USB lights you would like tell us, let us know in the comment section below.

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