3 July 2012, Comments: Comments Off on USB 3.0 Enclosure Breathes New Life into Used MacBook Air SSDs

 July 2012         Ian Chiu

MacBook Air owners who shell out hundreds of dollars for a brand new large and fast SSD will find themselves with a blade-style SSD that is, well, useless unless you turn it into cash on eBay. OWC is now selling a USB 3.0 enclosure which unlike all others is able to convert a MBA 2010/11’s proprietary SSD drive into a portable USB 3.0 variant. The 1.5 oz. Mercury Aura Pro Envoy is also one classy enclosure that is designed to match MacBook Air’s gently sloping body and its brushed aluminum chassis.

This solution that breathes new life into MBA’s stock drive is a godsend for many. Though, some people might question why the the drive enclosure isn’t Thunderbolt. It all comes down to price. The Envoy can be had for just $48 while a Thunderbolt model might add another $100 to price tag.

The Envoy is in fact is part of the Mercury Aura Pro SSD upgrade line-up for MacBook Air with capacity options including 180GB ($279.99), 240GB ($349.99) and 480GB ($769.99). For the mid-2011 MBA, you can also choose the drives capable of SATA 6Gb/s to get additional speed boost to 500MB/s. If these jaw-dropping prices do not deter you, then you may want to know all these aftermarket SSDs come with the Envoy USB 3.0 enclosure.

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