12 December 2011, Comments: Comments Off on PortableApps Hits Version 10, Perfecting USB Apps Platform

 December 2011         Paul McCollum

John Haller has blessed us once again with a chapter in the book of PortableApps Platform, version 10. We have been a huge proponent of the digital nomad lifestyle since PortableApps had around a dozen-ish apps in the stable. Flash forward a few years, now there’s around 200 well-groomed open source + freeware applications and a great, unifying set of applications to round out all the software apps into a singular experience. For those not initiated, this suite holds applications on any flash drives or portable drives and allows you to move them from computer to computer maintaining settings and data while leaving no trace behind on the host PC.

The latest version of PortableApps Platform adds some much desired functions. For those just setting up a new drive, there’s an application directory that you can pull down the free portable applications just by checking a check-box. And just like other modern apps stores, there’s now an updater that will automatically install patches on the background. The launcher has also been ‘deepened’ to allow for application categories, previously you could run out of room or have problems organizing apps without a depth structure. The easy backup application is another we couldn’t live without. One-click to launch an entire flash drive backup makes what is usually a chore, a breeze. Feel like digging deeper, check out the very varied and creative forums for ideas and info on new projects. If you are ready to unchain yourself from thinking in one dimension, now is a great time to start.

Interestingly, CustomUSB has partnered with PortableApps to bring USB 3.0 flash drives from 8GB ($39.95) to 32GB ($99.95). These aluminum drives which can be laser-etched with your name at no additional cost can reach up to 85MB/s read and 44MB/s. They also presumably come with the PortableApps Platform.

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