7 June 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Pretec H220 Intellicable Turns 3G Handsets into a USB Modem

 June 2010         Ian Chiu

Pretec conjures up what could be to be most intelligent USB cable to date. This so-called USB cable, dubbed H220 Intellicable, essentially allows you to fool most recent handsets into believing they are USB modems. One end of the cable is Type-A USB for PC connectivity; the other end connects to handsets with either mini-USB or micro-B. The whole point to this is to save cost for those who only need occasional access to wireless Internet through cellular network.

According to Pretec, this solution is way better than shelling out a hundred bucks on a discrete HSDPA modem and signing up a 1 to 2 year data subscription plan. To date, Pretec has proven H220 Intellicable can work with most models from RIM Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. The embedded software inside the cable’s 1GB memory will take care of all the communication handshakes so you don’t have to figure out operator settings. The kit only takes less than 10 seconds as the self-contained software skips the installation process. There’s no word when we can see this modem cable available commercially, but it will likely appear in Asia and Europe first.

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