6 September 2011, Comments: 4

 September 2011         Paul McCollum

Razer just pulled the covers off a new set of gaming keyboards, the BlackWidow Stealth Edition and the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition, for hardcore gamers and casual enthusiasts alike. They distinguish themselves from the previous generation of keyboards in several key areas. The overall polling mechanisms that check for key-presses has been sped up significantly. There’s also been a drastic reduction in the amount of force required to push keys down. Reducing force on keypresses is actually extremely easy but doing so in a way that prevents the heavy wear or damage inflicted by marathon gamers is an art. Key-presses are as silent as they are effortless contributing to even faster response times.

The two versions are mechanically identical but the Ultimate Edition carries a few upgrades. The greatest difference internally has to do with the Extreme Anti-Ghosting feature which allows for multiple simultaneous key-presses to all register. More pedestrian keyboards are unable to process more than one keystroke at a time. Physically, the Ultimate Edition adds a USB pass-through port and an headphone/mic jack to the keyboard. There are also enhancements to the back-lighting system found on the Ultimate Edition. These extras almost double the price of the keyboards though. The BlackWidow Stealth Edition will retail for $79 USD and the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition for $139. Both are exclusively available for purchase now from Razer’s online store.

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