15 June 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Razer Marauder Helps with High Stress Gaming on Starcraft 2

 June 2010         Paul McCollum

When StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is finally released, there’s a very good chance that you will be needing a new keyboard within a week. This intensely addictive game will have you pounding your current keyboard into oblivion. Razer has you covered yet again with the Razer Marauder keyboard. This cool blue very responsive keyboard is ideal to handle the return of this RTS king. The ultra-polling keyboard’s backlighting system isn’t just for looks and visibility; there’s a lot more to it than that.

The APM (actions-per-minute) system is almost a biofeedback system for gaming. For unsupported games, the APM system will react and change color depending on how fast you are working the keyboard. The changing hues will help you see when you are working at optimum speed or perhaps not at your best. For supported games, specifically StarCraft 2, three separate lighting areas on the keyboard can be programmed to flash in different colors independently. Having this extra information should help you tweak your performance up a few notches. Add to all this the real-time macro recording system to help you orchestrate your moves and build patterns for peak harvesting or building. MSRP is set to $120 and it should be available for sale soon on Razer’s own online store. The Marauder keyboard is also designed to complement Razer’s own StarCraft 2 mouse which will set you back another $80.

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