24 June 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Razer Pwns Our Hearts with TRON:Legacy Keyboard & Mouse

 June 2010         Paul McCollum

TRON, the movie that captured our imaginations and united young and old at the dawn of the graphical evolution for computing, is about to return. The original TRON is still near to our hearts and we challenge you to find someone who didn’t dream of racing Light-Cycles or Frisbee fighting. As weak as that may sound or the TRON Guy makes it look, the TRON movie is bound to be epic. Gamer favorite Razer has recently shown off their TRON:Legacy inspired gaming keyboard and mouse. Made of the same high grade materials that comprise all Razer gaming devices.

Actually, having Razer make a special TRON device is kind of redundant. They already specialize in glowing and futuristic gaming accessories. Please see any of their keyboard, mice, headsets or joysticks for examples of glowing gaming gear. Besides the extra extra cool lighting effects the over-sized mouse wheel is the only obvious variation from the normal slick looks of Razer gear. If you want to take a look at these newest additions to Razer’s line you’ll have to line up at the San Diego Comic-Con next month. Actual release of the items will likely be available closer to the release of the movie slated for December of this year.

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