13 January 2011, Comments: Comments Off on ScentScape, Films So Immersive You Have to Smell to Believe

 January 2011         Paul McCollum

While not as visually impressive as all of the 3D releases from CES, ScentSciences wants to appeal to your nose over your eyes. Packed into a system about the size of a loaf of bread, the ScentScape Programmable Aroma Generator wants to immerse you just a little more in your next movie experience. Movies created with their proprietary ScentEditor software can release smells on cue to make your nose believe you are really there, like smelly subtitles. This system could really give your next customer presentation that extra sizzle, literally, by smelling like bacon.

The desktop USB version shown at CES featured a scent cartridge, similar to a printer ink cartridge, that can hold up to 20 distinct smells. The packs can be custom ordered or be media specific to accompany a movie or show that integrates this system. The cartridges should last for up to 200 hours of use, which is a lot of movies or product demos. At only $69 for the system and $19 for the editor software, smart sales people will start using these immediately. Tons of studies showing the link between scent and memory should make a very strong argument for giving it a try.

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