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 January 2014         Anthony Garland

If you suffer badly from pollen or similar airborne allergies every spring and fall, or simply suffer from Mysophobia, those wacky creators over at Thanko may just have the answer for you: USB Pollen Mask. The easiest way to explain exactly what Thanko has created is to say that if a plain old surgical mask and a hazmat suit had a love child, this mask would be that. Like a surgical mask, the Thanko is only rated for large particulate filtration but suit provides full head covering so help keep ‘pollen’ away from your ears and eyes as well as your nose and mouth.

All facetiousness aside, the USB mask is basically a yellow plastic clad hat with a plastic hood that drapes around your head. The front – much like a hazmat suit – is clear plastic so as to allow you to see out of the thing; albeit with greatly reduced peripheral vision. Because plastic does not breathe, the wearer actually sucks in fresh air via a top mounted vent. This vent has a filter to trap particulates and as an added bonus also comes equipped with a USB fan for active air movement.

All that is required is a free USB port on your system and you should be breathing clean fresh air with not a care in the world. Of course, it does not come with a battery pack so if you are away from your computer and feeling anti-social you will need to pair it with a portable power source or otherwise the $39 USB mask will quickly get very hot and humid as you basically wearing a plastic bag over your head.

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