27 May 2013, Comments: Comments Off on VOLOS – Thermaltake’s First Attempt at MMO Mouse

 May 2013         Anthony Garland

Thermaltake needed to take a completely different approach to their other mouse designs if they ever hoped to distinguish them from the instantly recognizable Level 10 M. One thing is for certain, their new VOLOS may indeed be just as unique and just as evocative as the 10 M, but no one will ever accuse it of being nothing more than a clone of it.

Some of this comes from the fact that the VOLOS has customizable 16.8M LED lighting (with four lighting zones); an intelligent weight adjustment system; long life OMRON switches; and an AVAGO 8200-dpi sensor suite all wrapped up in a rubber covered plastic body.

What really sets this apart from the both the Level 10 M and most of the competition alike is that it is a true MMO mouse. As such, it comes with 14 buttons that have been positioned so as to be ready no matter what the scenario. The only real issue with the VOLOS is that Thermaltake may have been too enthusiastic with the color scheme.

In fact, from certain angles, the mouse looks more like a Xbox 360 controller rather than a hard-core gaming mouse. If, however, you can get past the rather flamboyant and ‘unique’ color scheme, the VOLOS does appear to be very well engineered. Expect the VOLOS to be available at most major retailer or e-tailer’s in the near future for $70.

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