8 August 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Thermaltake POSEIDON: Cherry MX Keyboard on the Cheap

 August 2013         Anthony Garland

It may not be groundbreaking or revolutionary in its design, but the all new Thermaltake POSEIDON Illuminated represents a radical change in direction for Thermaltake. Unlike past gaming keyboard designs which either were reasonably-priced membrane switch or ultra-expensive mechanical models, Thermaltake has taken a new approach to creating a value orientated keyboard. Simply put, they have combined Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches with a price and overall value that is much more palatable than previous Tt models.

Make no mistake while this $79 keyboard is more reasonably priced than other Tt models, it still is aimed directly at buyers who demand quality products. Cherry MX switches are good for 50 million+ keystrokes so it is doubtful even a full time professional gamer will kill the compact 104-key POSEIDON Illuminated and most will simply get tired of using it long before it breaks.

While there are certainly a lot of other mechanical keyboards in this price range, the POSEIDON also does have an ace up its sleeve to help it win in the value department. For ten dollars less than a similarly sized Cooler Master QuickFire XT, you get individual key blue LED illumination with four levels of brightness. This backstopped with standard multimedia keys and 6-8 key rollover / ‘anti-ghosting’ abilities make for one enticing package. The only real question mark is on the macro side of the equation, yet Thermaltake is being awfully quiet and that is never a good thing. Either way, the POSEIDON Illuminated certainly deserves a closer look when it washes up on retailer’s shores later this month.

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