12 October 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Ferrari F1 Wheel T500 – Own a Piece of Ferrari for Yourself

 October 2011         Anthony Garland

If you are a hardcore racing junkie, but Porches’ just don’t “do it” for you, then maybe the all new Ferrari F1 Integral T500 from Thrustmaster is right up your alley. Unlike the Fanatec GT2 wheel which is a replica of a Porsche 911, the T500 is an authorized wheel replicate of the mighty Ferrari 150° Italia. This is as real as your can get without actually being an official Ferrari F1 driver.

Don’t for a minute think the Ferrari F1 Integral T500 is nothing but a pretty face. In fact, it has the features and specifications you would expect from any Ferrari branded product. With an industrial-class engine delivering realistic force feedback effects and its wide internal dual belts, this is one wheel that will make you feel as if you really are there and not sitting comfortably in your seat. Best of all, the T500 is not only fully compatible with PC’s but also the Sony PS3. So whether you are console or PC kind of gamer, this gaming enhancement peripheral will have you covered.

The only thing that will probably keep you from rushing out and buying the Ferrari F1 Integral T500 is the asking price. With an asking price of $699, this is one product which lives up to its Ferrari namesake in more ways than one. If, however, you want the best of the best, you have to be willing to pay for it. Expect the Integral T500 wheel to land sometime later this month.

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