25 March 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Concept USB Watch that Takes Too Much Time to Tell Time

 March 2010         Ian Chiu

By the time you figure out what time this watch says, it will be that time tomorrow. Tokyoflash, who makes some very hip trendy watches, has a new e-Paper watch that they are getting a bit crazy with. The sleek concept watch incorporates a slick eInk face that wraps around half of the band. They have modeled four different methods of displaying the time and date that may give you a migraine as you try to learn the system. Some of their watches are binary-ish and some are downright bizarre. Our favorite is the one that shows the numerals in the negative space formed by random numbers.

This sleek watch stands out from many other offerings from Tokyoflash in that it is not overly gaudy. The company also plans to allow it to be charged by USB. The large display will require more than just a simple watch battery to run. The only other major problem is that the binary watch only shows the time with a button press. They are great fashion accessories and can be great for showing off your geek cred but they take effort to read and both hands. They are still feeling out their concepts so guessing on a price range or release would be premature. If you can’t wait to have an e-Ink watch you can find a few here.

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