4 May 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Trendnet Dual Band 802.11n USB Adapter Hits 450Mbps Mark

 May 2011         Ian Chiu

With today’s launch of the all new Trendnet Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter (TEW-684UB), any user who has an older system – be it laptop or PC – can now enjoy all the advantages of cutting edge 802.11n. Even customers with only slightly older systems which already have a wireless card capable of 802.11n may get a nice speed boost from this new product. We say this as this is not just another wireless N adapter, it boasts not only the older 2.4Ghz spectrum but also the 5Ghz spectrum of 802.11n. Add in MIMO support to really pump up the speed and distance abilities of your wireless network and the end result should be a nice – to significant – boost in speed.

Trendnet states this Wireless N USB adapter is capable of hitting 450Mbps speeds. While this will be under optimal conditions only, it certainly is possible to get better real world speeds when you have a MIMO enabled wireless adapter. While this does go without saying, the only caveat is that you can theoretically get 450Mb/s from this dual band device given you have a router capable of sending and receiving multi-band 5Ghz signals to hit. Thankfully, it is also a 2.4Ghz MIMO capable device so you still will get a lot more speed than most USB wireless adapters. You will also need a pretty clean USB bus as 450Mbps (assuming you can hit this in the real world) is close to USB 2.0’s theoretical maximum of 480Mbps! With an asking price of only $79.99 this looks to be one easy, powerful and above all else cheap upgrade. Expect the TEW-684UB to land in a PC store near you any day.

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