13 November 2012, Comments: Comments Off on VMultra Jack-of-all-trades USB Drive is Ultrabook’s Best Friend

 November 2012         Ian Chiu

While Ultrabooks are quite capable and powerful, some of their owners may still find themselves carrying a DVD drive and a portable drive whenever they go. For this niche group, Velocity Micro has debuted VMultra – a USB 3.0 peripheral that combines all the of the above plus a 3-port hub and a SD card reader.

Retailing for $199.99, the unit comes bundled with a 2.5″ 500GB but you can easily swap it with your own SSD or hybrid drive. There’s no Blu-ray option which is a pity since we reckon that’s what most Ultrabook users would want. The card reader also couldn’t read SDXC; though it’s not something you’ve worried about as most modern laptops have better SD compatibility than this one.

This drive supposedly gets all of its power from a USB 3.0 port but we are skeptical whether 900mA is enough for burning a DVD, copying files to the HDD, and powering the 3 on-board USB ports. Fortunately, you don’t have to test the limit since the VMultra ships with a AC adapter. The jack-of-all-trades device has potential but we would hold out for one with built-in Blu-ray and perhaps one without the 500GB drive bundle.

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