2 June 2010, Comments: 0

 June 2010         Paul McCollum

If you are already enough of a conservationist to be biking long distances, this gadget may shoot to the top of your wish list. The Bicycle Charger is a fairly traditional pedal powered dynamo with a USB twist. Pressing the crank wheel against your tire as you travel, the dynamo generates electricity to power an LED headlight. During the day, you can make use of its attached USB port to power any USB charging peripherals you might need, such as a cellular phone or music player. At night, please make use of the included light system.

The Bicycle Charger also has its own internal lithium ion battery that can store power for your devices for later. The 600 mAh would require roughly a 10 mile bike trip at normal speeds for a full charge, much more appetizing than the 3 days walking required by the nPower Peg. This should be just enough top fully charge an average cell phone at least once. It should be noted that if you are observed using your cell phone while driving a bicycle it is perfectly legal for anyone to run you off the road. You’d best be charging an MP3 player and not adding to the number of accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Via Akiba PC Watch