USB Chargers

15 May 2014
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Legion Meter is Both USB Power Diagnostic Tool & Charge Accelerator

15 May 2014, Comments: 0

Let’s face it, cellphone and tablet charging absolutely stinks, and if they ever get super-capacitor technology baked into an electronic device, we will be […]

24 March 2014
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Trontium Reactor Promises to be First USB Power Delivery Battery Pack

24 March 2014, Comments: 7

The largest problem facing portable computing has been – and probably always will be – power. While there are lots of ways to charge […]

27 January 2014
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A Soccer Ball (or Football) that Generates Free Electricity

27 January 2014, Comments: 0

Most green generators require either running water, heat or walking an extra mile or twelve to make electricity. However, waiting for these to recharge your mobile devices is a […]

28 November 2013
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Star Wars’ Geeks Will Love Official R2D2 USB Auto Charger

28 November 2013, Comments: 0

Even though most serious movie geeks want to forget that Star Wars prequels ever happened, most do actually have fond memories of that plucky […]

20 November 2013
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Hydrobee Charger Harnesses Power of Flowing Water

20 November 2013, Comments: 1

When people find themselves off the grid for extended periods of time, everything from fancy GPS units to smartphones eventually stop working. For these […]

15 November 2013
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Thor has His Very Own Mjolnir-shaped USB Battery Pack

15 November 2013, Comments: 0

With another superhero movie hitting theaters comes another wave of movie tie-in merchandise. Where the latest movie revolves around the continuing adventures of beefy […]

6 August 2013
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FlameStower: Compact ThermoElectric Charger for USB

6 August 2013, Comments: 2

The all new FlameStower – similar to The PowerPot - converts waste camp fire heat into useable electricity. Specifically, the FlameStower allows hikers and backpackers who […]

19 July 2013
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Griffin PowerDock 5 Makes Recharging Easy for iDevices

19 July 2013, Comments: 0

If there is one thing that nearly all Apple enthusiasts share in common, it is their love of gadgets. In fact, it is not […]

2 July 2013
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Practical Meter Diagnoses USB Power Issue for Consumer Joe

2 July 2013, Comments: 0

Even though it may still only be at the Kickstarter level, this Practical Meter is quickly gaining buzz and momentum. This nifty little gadget […]

15 June 2013
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USB Power Meter Knows Which Gadget is Most Power Hungry

15 June 2013, Comments: 3

For anyone who owns a Kill-A-Watt power meter comes word of a nifty device which will be sure to be of interest to energy […]

6 February 2013
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Mophie Outs Thinnest Battery Case for iPhone 5

6 February 2013, Comments: 0

It’s been a long wait for those who have been anxiously waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 5-version of Mophie Juice Pack. […]

6 April 2012
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The PowerPot is the First Thermoelectric USB Charger

6 April 2012, Comments: 2

As anyone who has ever lived through a major disaster knows, the first thing – besides civilized behavior – to go is electricity. We […]

5 October 2011
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Quirky Ray Solar Charger Makes Good Use of Suction Cup

5 October 2011, Comments: 2

Tapping green renewable energy has never been so easy with a bewildering choices of solar USB chargers flooding the market. The goal of these […]

23 September 2011
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Electree, Solar-powered Bonsai Finally Almost a Reality

23 September 2011, Comments: 1

We spied this green work of art a few years back and became instant fans. This tiny device, which looks like the Fantastic Planet […]

29 August 2011
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Cell Drive Brings Sync, Flash & Battery Together into Dongle

29 August 2011, Comments: 1

While a lot of phone makers are trying to find that sweet spot between small portable size and large screen, the tablet craze is […]