FlameStower: Compact ThermoElectric Charger for USB

6 August 2013
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Author: Anthony Garland
6 August 2013, Comments: 0

The all new FlameStower – similar to The PowerPot - converts waste camp fire heat into useable electricity. Specifically, the FlameStower allows hikers and backpackers who are far from a wall outlet the ability to convert energy from an open flame into fully charged electronic devices. The only catch is the device has to have a USB charging port so Apple Lightning users need not apply.

Unlike the PowerPot, the 8 oz. FlameStower folds down to 7.75″ x 2.25″ x 1″ for easy storage and even easier transportation. Since space is always at a premium in backpack, this makes the $60 priced FlameStower much more practical than similar chargers. To use this handy little device, all you need do is unfold it; fill the small integrated compartment with water and place the appropriate end in a fire; and then, plug in the integrated USB port to your device and ‘within 30 seconds’ your devices batteries will start to charge.

While this certainly will make for some happy campers, it will only produce 2 to 3W of power, so depending on your device it could take a long time to fully recharge. Of course, slow but steady charging beats dead batteries any day of the week. If this sounds like a must have gadget for your active outdoor lifestyle, the FlameStower can be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website with an ETA of ‘late fall’ for when it will be ready to ship.