12 April 2013, Comments: 0

 April 2013         Anthony Garland

In what is sure to give Leap Motion competition comes word of the second generation Genius Ring Mouse. While this small input device may not be as sophisticated as the controller technology in the kinetic-style controller, it should rival something like the Ion Air Mouse Glove.

Unlike the Glove which is more of a full hand controller, the Ring 2’s natural rubber ‘ring’ simply slips over a free finger. Plug in the nano-sized receiver into a free USB port and then you can control your system either by moving your hand in the air or by running another finger over the Ring 2’s integrated 1250 dpi resolution touch panel. Rounding out the control features is small left and right ‘mouse’ buttons built on the top of the Ring 2.

Of course, such a device would be fairly useless if not for its 2.4GHz wireless interface. Genius stated you can control your computer from up to 30 feet away; though, this in all likelihood requires a clear air environment. Considering how many devices use the 2.4GHz spectrum this is easier said than done. On the positive side, it is unlikely you will ever lose the necessary receiver as it slides back into a storage port built right into the Ring Mouse 2’s chassis.

As with all wireless devices the Ring 2 relies upon an integrated Li-ion battery and you will have to plug it in from time to time to recharge. How often this is required is unknown but given the ultra small, ultra lightweight design it probably will have to be fairly often. Luckily all it requires is a free USB port to recharge. If such a device sounds perfect for you next presentation or public speaking engagement the Ring Mouse 2 can be found online for $49.95 in silver or titanium.