25 February 2012, Comments: 0

 February 2012         Ian Chiu

Mouse will continue to evolve until the computer cursor becomes obsolete but it will still be a while before we eventually replace our mice with our fingers. Until this day comes, we will see more niche mice such as the Ion Ergonomic Air Mouse Glove. This reminds us of the Peregrine Power Glove that is made exclusively for PC gaming. The Ion Air Mouse on the other hand is basically a mouse replacement. Your wrist controls the cursor and ION claims this takes very little movement.

However, this mouse will take some practice to get used to. In order to scroll, first you need to enable Clicklock (a one time process) in Control Panel and then click onto the scroll bar so you can finally move up or down the page by moving your wrist. You can reach both left and right click buttons on the index finger. There’s also a pause button which comes in handy so you can move around the room not worrying you have to take off the glove every time you leave the desk. As it’s not tethered to a USB port, the Ion has an effective wireless range of 35 feet. The ION Air Mouse Glove is touted as an input device for HTPC but you will need to hone your skill with Windows’ on-screen keyboard. You may want to try it first or wait for a review before dropping $79.99 on it.