Mophie Outs Thinnest Battery Case for iPhone 5

6 February 2013
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Author: Ian Chiu
6 February 2013, Comments: 0

It’s been a long wait for those who have been anxiously waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 5-version of Mophie Juice Pack. Today, Mophie finally pushes the Juice Pack Helium out the door. There’s obviously a pressing need for a good battery case for iPhone 5 as its aluminium chassis is prone to scratches, and its battery life is notoriously short.

The Helium, measuring at 2.49″ by 5.49″ by 0.59″, is said to be 13% thinner than any iPhone Juice Packs. To put it into perspective, it still adds about 50% of both size and weight of your iPhone 5 in exchange for some peace of mind knowing your beloved smartphone has edge-to-edge protection. The Helium will be shipping in both silver and dark metallic. Given Juice Pack history, Mophie will likely offer additional choices to spice up your plain and bland iPhone with some vibrant colors.

Rated At 1500mAh, the Helium delivers the same battery capacity as the Air. Mophie proudly claims the battery pack – rechargeable via micro-USB – boosts another 6 hours of 3G / LTE usage; 7 hours on WiFi; and up to 7 hours of video playback. It is recommended you should wait until your iPhone 5′s battery level has dropped below 20% before flipping on the Helium to get the most benefit.

Last but not least, the Helium inherits the design from original Juice Pack that funnels the sound from the phone’s speakers to redirect audio towards you. Mophie is currently accepting pre-orders for Helium ($79.95) with first batch expected to ship out on Feb 14th.