7 May 2010, Comments: 0

 May 2010         Paul McCollum

In a world of disappointment, it’s always a treat when a device that seemed too good to be true actually hits the shelves. The nPower Peg that we reported on last year is taking pre-orders on their website finally. The Peg in a nut shell is a power storing dynamo that uses walking motion to generate electricity. It stores the energy from walking (even the jostling of driving can generate some juice) into a lithium polymer battery. Once you’ve walked up some charge, you plug your gadget’s USB charging cable into the Peg and it will start to charge.

All manner of devices are supported, if they can charge by normal USB power, they can charge by the Peg. iPad owners are probably out of luck, but iPhones and iPods might be okay. You can order the Peg with your choice of several adapter cable options to suit Apple, Blackberry and other major device manufacturer’s products. They estimate that with an hour of walking around, you’ll have generated enough juice to bring a dead device back up to 80% charge.

If you aren’t into making your own energy, you can also charge the internal battery via USB. As silly as that sounds that makes the green novelty a much more practical purchase. $149 down, gets the titanium gear charger headed to in June sometime.