27 January 2014, Comments: 0

 January 2014         Anthony Garland

Most green generators require either running waterheat or walking an extra mile or twelve to make electricity. However, waiting for these to recharge your mobile devices is a test of patience. Making this process an enjoyable pastime makes perfect sense and that is exactly what the SOCCKET is: a soccer ball (a.k.a football) shaped portable generator that you kick to create electricity.

The genius of this generator is that it literally looks and acts like a soccer ball. You and your mates simply kick it around and by the end of the game, you can plug in a smartphone by revealing the concealed USB port and get free energy. How the SOCCKET – priced at $99 – is able to do this is pretty simple. In center of the leather and foam clad ball, there is a small pendulum attached to a miniature generator which in turn is attached to a battery pack. Every time the ball is kicked (or rolled), the pendulum swings, and the generator converts this kinetic energy into elector, which is then stored in the batteries. Mix in a healthy dose of sophisticated engineering, sprinkle with USB connectivity, and the end result is a lightweight generator that can charge a phone or power a USB light. The company claims that as little as 30 minutes of play time equates to 3 hours of light.

The real genius lays in the fact that this 17 oz. ball is only a tad heavier than a regulation football, and never needs to be inflated nor deflate. The only catch is that the output is limited to 6 watts so you will not be able to charge an iPad, but that probably will be solved in SOCCKET 2.0 which we are sure is going to be made at some point.