USB Upgrades

24 April 2014
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Corning Goes Long with 30m Optical USB 3.0 Cables

24 April 2014, Comments: 0

USB 3.0 has always been a short distance standard and any scenarios involving distances over 3 meters was simply not on the minds of […]

7 November 2013
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Kanex’s Multi-talented USB 3.0 Dock for MacBook Air’s & Ultrabooks Alike

7 November 2013, Comments: 0

Kanex is one of those little companies that you never know what they are going to release next, but no matter what it is […]

10 September 2013
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Wireless USB Resurrected by WiGig, Becomes “Media Agnostic”

10 September 2013, Comments: 0

In what certainly falls into the ‘better late than never’ category comes word the USB-IF and Wi-Fi Alliance have finally come to an agreement […]

5 July 2013
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CulCharge, Phone Charging Mini USB Cables for Your Keychains

5 July 2013, Comments: 5

While the CulCharge series of ultra-small USB cables will not be able to match the versatility of an Innergie, they do make up for it […]

29 May 2013
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Team USB Wins 2013 European Inventor Award!

29 May 2013, Comments: 0

Very recently we brought you word of the fact that Ajay V. Bhatt and his team had been nominated for this year’s European Inventor […]

16 April 2013
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Oversized 20Gbps USB 3.0 Card Brings New Meaning to the Word Overkill

16 April 2013, Comments: 0

Unlike home users who in all likelihood will never saturate the abilities of one USB 3.0 controller, workstation systems and professionals could conceivably have […]

13 March 2013
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Satechi’s Heavy-duty 10-port USB 3.0 Hub Wins the Day

13 March 2013, Comments: 0

As USB 3.0 begins to proliferate through the market, manufacturers are realising that an average of only two USB 3.0 ports (especially on a […]

28 February 2012
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Magic-Pro Dual-Use USB 3.0 Hub is Ingenious

28 February 2012, Comments: 4

As USB 3.0 is finally going mainstream, people realize that USB 3.0 ports (often only two) on their motherboard just won’t cut it. When […]

2 December 2011
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Innergie USB Cables are the Swiss Army Knife

2 December 2011, Comments: 1

In true holiday season “As seen on TV” style, we have a USB charging cable solution that might give the “Slap Shot” a run […]

26 August 2011
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USB OTG 3.0 Lets Smartphones, Tablets Transfer at SuperSpeed

26 August 2011, Comments: 0

Today comes news that the USB-IF has just added to two addendums to the USB 3.0 specification. These two additions are On-the-Go (OTG) 3.0 […]

7 July 2011
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20-pin USB 3.0 Adapter, Heaven Sent for PC Builders

7 July 2011, Comments: 1

This USB 3.0 20-Pin header to USB 3.0 Type-A connector certainly is an interesting product in that it allows you to internally connect one […]

10 January 2011
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Icron & Intersil Demoing 20m USB 3.0 Extension Cable

10 January 2011, Comments: 2

There isn’t anything to be excited about a SuperSpeed USB cable, other than it’s able to carry several times more data than a USB […]

19 October 2010
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24-port USB Hub is Just Insane

19 October 2010, Comments: 1

USB ports are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough. This is why we previously saw 10-port, 12-port and even 16-port USB […]

17 October 2010
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USB Skull Hub Begs for Creepy Mice for Desktop Monster Mash

17 October 2010, Comments: 0

Make everyday Halloween with a huge skull on your desk. What’s the only way to make it more ‘shocking’? Run a USB cord into […]

10 May 2010
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Win-star Star Trek Vessel-style USB Hub has Plenty of Ports

10 May 2010, Comments: 0

There are plenty of mega USB hubs to go around. They come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own set of pros […]