6 August 2008, Comments: 0

 August 2008         Ian Chiu

Judging by some of the products that we have seen out of Asia over the years, it seems folks are obsessed with the minutia of their health. Weird gadgets that folks here in America would not think of buying, like microscopes to get a close look at your skin, are evidentially popular over in Asia.

Notebook mice aren’t an uncommon sight in most countries, but what you probably will never see here in America is this Asus Vit W1 Wireless Laser mouse. The mouse seems normal enough, but hidden under the plastic skin is a pulse rate sensor that will send your pulse wirelessly to your computer. Sure, you could just take your pulse the old-fashioned way, but why bother when technology can do it for you. The mouse itself has five buttons, a mini USB receiver, 1200 dpi sensitivity, and 30-foot wireless range. Asus is taking its “heart touching” slogan seriously with this one.