7 July 2011, Comments: 3

 July 2011         Ian Chiu

In their continuing partnership with Lamborghini, Asus recently released their latest wireless mouse, the WX-Lamborghini. At first glance, one could easily be forgiven for thinking the WX-Lamborghini was nothing more than an Asus-branded Gigabyte Aivia M8600. This however, is incorrect as unlike that mouse the Asus WX-Lamborghini is trimmed in leather and comes in a very striking two-tone color scheme (yellow and black, white and black or all black are the three options available).

While it may not have dual wired / wireless abilities, it does come with a down right small “nano” receiver (with 10 meter capabilities).  The mouse also may be lacking quick change batteries, but it also much lighter and relies on an easily sourced AAA battery (which is included).  It is too bad that it does not have as large DPI sensor as some others on the market (as Lambo’s are known for their monster engines) but with its 800 – 2500 DPI laser sensor, it is more than the average consumer will need or be able to handle.

With an MSRP of only $79.99, this may just be the closest many of us get to owning a Lamborghini. If you like the style, are a hardcore Lamborghini collector, or even just want to have bragging rights to owning a “Lamborghini”, this may just be the mouse you have been waiting for.

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