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 November 2010         Anthony Garland

Dealing with complex 3D modeling in CAD and other (more game related) modeling programs is a down right tedious and onerous task. The reason it is a royal nuisance is because you are using a 2D peripheral device to deal with a THREE dimensional model! This is why the all new 3D-Spheric-Mouse perked out interest as it is a THREE dimensional peripheral and as such can manipulate 3D models in all three dimension at the same time! The Axsotic 3D-Spheric-Mouse may not be the first to try to do this but it may be the first to succeed!

While Axsotic’s 3D-Spheric-Mouse is called a “3D Mouse” this is actually a bit of a misnomer as it shares more in common with that of a trackball than that of your average mouse. In a nut shell, the 3D-Spheric-Mouse is a 40mm perfectly round “track” ball which is suspended in a complex lattice like mechanism. This mechanism allows the ball to be moved in and out as well as up and down, which is then translated in to X and Y coordinate changes on your screen; with Z axis being taken care of via rotating the suspended ball… all of which can be done at the same time! While we are sure the learning curve of the 3D-Spheric-Mouse must be steep, we are equally positive the potential for this device would make it worth it to serious 3D designers. It certainly is not for everyone, but if you work with 3D models the soon to be released 3D-Spheric-Mouse may just be perfect for your needs! Video demo after the jump.

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