10 January 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Blue Mic Tiki Brings Intelligent Noise Cancellation to Voice Chat

 January 2012         Paul McCollum

Everyone who has used any type of voice chat program has had to try to tune out feedback screeching and echos. For a long time the only cure for that problem has been to ditch your freedom and don a pair of headphones. Blue Microphones seems to think they have a better solution with the Tiki. This USB microphone, which resembles a novelty flash drive, has special built-in software that helps isolate your voice from unwanted background noise. This should tune out hard drive whirring and fan noises from your PC that plague built-in microphones. Feedback and other unwanted artifacts should be no problem for this smart Mic to remove altogether.

The Tiki can also be used in Natural Recording Mode which will evenly and faithfully capture all frequencies for a variety of recording needs. There are 2 microphones within the Blue Mic for stereo capture. No software or external power are required to use the Tiki as everything is standard USB plug and play. Although currently unavailable for pricing or delivery estimates, this may be an option to consider for your next concert or conference call.

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