13 November 2009, Comments: 0

 November 2009         Ian Chiu

Shrinkage from silky smooth sound seller Bowers and Wilkins makes the sibilant news today. They have compressed their enormous high fidelity Zeppelin speakers for iPod into a size that is just right to accompany a laptop. The B&W MM-1 speakers are fueled by USB for both digital audio and power. The speakers have B&W’s signature sound processing system handling all of the audio creation from digital source. This removes the problem of low quality on-board sound systems tainting the music. The built-in amplifier takes care of everything else with up to 36W per speaker.

The speakers also sport a line-in jack for connecting directly to MP3 players and a very handy headphone jack for private listening. There’s also a wireless remote which will probably only control the volume. Due to the speakers actually being a USB audio device, the remote is capable of much more than just volume but no details have surfaced at this time. You can still expect to empty your piggy bank to get these on their way to you but at least the shipping costs won’t be as much as for the Zeppelin. We’ll hope for more details on price and functions closer to February of next year when the MM-1’s are expected to ship.