15 June 2013, Comments: 3

 June 2013         Anthony Garland

For anyone who owns a Kill-A-Watt power meter comes word of a nifty device which will be sure to be of interest to energy conscience consumer: the Centech USB Power Meter.

Unlike a power meter which gauges the entire power draw of a system (or anything else attached directly to it), the aptly-named USB Power Meter tells you how much power USB devices are drawing from a system. To use it, all you need do is plug the meter in-between your PC and the USB 2.0 or 3.0 peripheral you want to measure. Then the integrated LED display will then tell you the information you need.

Depending on which four of the possible modes you opt for, the information displayed will vary. For example you can use the ‘real time’ mode and get instantaneous readings, while ‘Per Second Average’ uses 31 samples per second and then averages it every second. Rounding out the modes is ‘maximum current mode’ (which shows maximum current draw since it was plugged in) and the obvious named ‘minimum voltage mode’ which shows the minimum voltage draw.

This certainly sounds like a nice gift for a USB junkie; however, you may have to source out special shipping as this $32 USB power meter is only available online at a select few Japanese e-tailers.

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