18 August 2009, Comments: 0

 August 2009         Ian Chiu

DJ Tech is adding to its line of professional DJ products with a DJ Mouse. The DJ Mouse is a multi-axis input device that interacts with its Deckadance Dj software. Using the DJ Mouse kit you can do your Superstar DJ thing without the need for turntables or vinyl. The mouse includes a jog wheel which (in addition to working on mix and fade functions inside the software) is a ‘scratch’ controller. The software specially buffers music so that you can interact with the music however you like. The cool blue back-lighting effect enables you to operate the mouse in those dark club environments. The mouse should stand up to your most vigorous Keoki impressions as it has been specially weighted to 120g and coupled with a special gripping mat to keep it in place.

While at first glance this may look like some sort of Guitar Hero accessory, it is definitely not one. DJTech makes several high quality professional DJ products and the DJ mouse is currently their smallest. They have effectively tailored a custom mouse to be a fully integrated piece of software to allow you to loop, sample and beat-match so that each song flows into the next. The addition of the scratch wheel requires a level of responsiveness which has not been easy to achieve. This system would be perfect for traveling DJ’s gigs where space is at a premium. The Mouse and Software package only runs $79 and is available for order now.