19 January 2011, Comments: 0

 January 2011         Anthony Garland

USB wall adapters are great as they allow you to charge your appliances without the need of taking up a free USB port on a system, or even a system at all. The problem is that while just about every modern appliance uses USB to charge itself (and its batteries), you can’t find even one wall adapters that allow you to plug in USB.

That is all about to change (finally) as the FastMac U-socket has been finally released. This is a special wall socket that replaces your typical 120V two 3-prong wall receptacle with a custom one (that has the same form factor). You still get two three prong outlets but you also get two built-in USB 3.0 jacks that supplies 2.4A of current so you can even charge an iPad. With an asking price of only 29.95 and a pretty straight forward installation (assuming you have even basic electrical skills), the U-Socket should be made standard in all homes in the first place. Lastly, you may want to know the FastMac is also made in USA, for those of you who want to support American-made tech products.

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