18 April 2013, Comments: 0

 April 2013         Anthony Garland

In what is certainly both a first for the industry and a great indicator of USB 3.0’s popularity growth comes word of Gigabyte’s soon to be released GP-S3000 speakers. This pair of aesthetically-pleasing stereo speakers are the first USB 3.0 speakers to ever be released, not to mention the fact that they are also powered via the USB 3.0 bus.

The benefits for opting for USB 3.0 instead of the older 2.0 are both obvious and significant. First and foremost, USB 3.0 offers attached devices twice the power at 900mA over that of USB 2.0’s bus. This allows a set of speakers the freedom of not needing a power adapter and free wall plug while still offering more powerful drivers and bass than any USB 2.0-powered speakers could ever hope to be. This in turn allows for a much more traveled friendly package which requires a lot less wires to work.

While the specifics on the drivers housed inside these 2.0 speakers are sparse, what is known is the GP-S3000 will be feature packed. Not only will it come with an integrated DAC, but it will also feature a touch sensitive interface for volume controls and power. While it is odd that no one else has thought of doing so before, it is fitting that Gigabyte announced the GP-S3000 – available in both black and white – as part of their ongoing ‘NEW IDEA Tech Tour’. No word on pricing or specific release date is known at this time.

Via PCGamesHardware.de