13 April 2009, Comments: Comments Off on USB Heated FIR Wrist Rest Soothes Your Bones

 April 2009         Ian Chiu

Looks like Thanko USB Heater Cooler Keyboard has got itself a new competitor today with the release of the IGM’s latest ergonomic gadget. IGM’s Heated Keyboard Wrist Pad is set to loosen up your ligaments and get your juices flowing. Plugged into a USB port this wrist rest will warm up your joints and relieve your bones from quite a few ailments associated with cold and a keyboarding. The list of benefits from using this reads like the back of a bottle of Snake Oil but warmth is warmth. Many places suffer from being unbearably far from the equator and could use something like this to fight back the chill.

Using one of these may not be a cure for all that ails you but it could reduce pain from arthritis or Carpal Tunnel syndrome. The use of carbon fiber heating elements produces hear in the Far Infrared range. Far Infrared heat is a penetrating heat with a long list of a reputed health benefits. The Carbon Fiber heating elements produce FIR heat more efficiently than ceramic heaters and are rapidly becoming the preferred elements in portable heaters due to directed as opposed to convected heat. Still coming soon with no clue on price but Summer may be the wrong season to launch a new hot item like this.

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