19 April 2012, Comments: Comments Off on ION SLIDES 2 PC: High-grade Film Conversion on a Budget

 April 2012         Anthony Garland

With Kodak already having taken that long slide into permanent sleep, it comes as no surprise that more consumers are making the switch from the sunset industry of 35mm film photography into digital. This however does pose one interesting question: what to do with all your 35mm negatives? No one likes the idea of having too keep boxes and boxes of negatives unless they have to. The obvious answer is to purchase a film to digital archiving device along with your first DSLR camera. Doing so means not only you start capturing all new memories in a digital format but also update your old ones to this more robust and ubiquitous storage medium. Unfortunately, and unlike DSLR cameras, 35mm to digital scanning devices usually have been slow and/or expensive. The all new ION SLIDES 2 PC mkIII intends to change all that.

At its heart, the SLIDES 2 PC mkIII is a customized high-resolution 5MP scanner which is OS agnostic; however, the devil is in the details and what sets this device apart from others in its price range is the features it comes with. To be precise, this all new plug and play USB 2.0 scanner boasts such crucial features are fixed-focus range; automatic exposure; and automatic color balance, ensuring that all negatives are optimally captured with accurate color conversion and perfect imaging. It also comes with a Rapid Slide Feeder for hassle-free loading of slides. With an asking price of less than $80, the ION SLIDES 2 PC mkIII isn’t a bad choice for consumers wanting to enter the 21st century, without letting their captured memories’ fade into that long good night.

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