15 May 2014, Comments: 0

 May 2014         Anthony Garland

Let’s face it, cellphone and tablet charging absolutely stinks, and if they ever get super-capacitor technology baked into an electronic device, we will be the first in line to buy one. Until then, we all have to deal with the occasional charging gremlins that suck up juice from a USB port before it gets to your batteries. In the past, you could buy a USB charging meter that shows in real time the power draw; however these devices do zip to fix the problem. This is why the all new PLX’s Legion Meter is quickly gaining traction over on Kickstarter.

To begin, you plug your smartphone or tablet to the Legion Meter which is daisy chained to a USB 2.0 port; you will see how much power (in Watts) is currently being be drawn from that port on the meter’s OLED display. From there, a button on the dongle allows you to switch between current delivery (in Amps), voltage output and battery capacity (in mWh) on the target mobile device.

The Legion Meter can also optimize battery recharging speed with its built-in circuit by tricking mobile devices to safely draw the maximum amount of charge possible. Two modes are available: Apple and Android. PLX claims you could see charging speed up 92% faster; though, your mileage may vary with PLX’s test results are somewhat inconclusive. It’s fair to say the final product should be more promising but you may want to check out the test result table before considering making a pledge.

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